The Atelier

We are creating a new standard in luxury called consciously crafted beauty.

Consciously crafted beauty means a transparent and thoughtful approach to innovation that recognizes modern needs, balancing ethical beauty standards with science, technology and product performance. It means we are always evolving and learning. And it means we are passionately committed to products formulated with integrity.

Gucci Westman

Born in California and raised in Sweden, Gucci Westman has more than 20 years of professional experience as a major editorial makeup artist. She rose to prominence creating dewy, radiant, impossibly glowy looks for her celebrity clientele — in the process establishing her signature, highly coveted ‘second-skin’ approach to makeup.

For Gucci, there are three vital signs of modern beauty: luxury, efficacy, and clean, consciously-crafted ingredients. For her first makeup line, she combines supremely buttery, rich textures with the best plant-based active ingredients. The ultimate naturally beautiful complexion — now available to everyone.

The Ingredients

Gucci believes makeup should do more than enhance — it should calm, nourish and balance. Westman Atelier ingredients are thoroughly and thoughtfully curated by both artist and chemist so you can enjoy skin-benefiting, non-toxic makeup that performs at the highest possible standard.

Our commitment is to constantly review, research and reassess our ingredients as fresh information comes to light — in the meantime, we’ll always be completely transparent about our formulations, which meet the European Union’s rigorous standards for clean beauty. And we promise never to use, parabens, PEGs, phthalates and many other harmful chemicals. Feel good about your skin from the inside out.