“Every January, I meditate on a few meaningful new ways to reduce our environmental impact as a family and as a beauty brand—especially my approach to single-use itlplastics. It’s incredible how the little things add up. A daily coffee pod, those flimsy produce bags at the grocery store, a favorite jar of face cream.

Over the years, my husband and three children have cultivated a great vegetable garden at our New York home for lettuce, radishes, cucumbers, kale, spinach, and tomatoes. That has helped hugely to raise my awareness around the excess plastic packaging that surrounds most fresh produce. So does food shopping at the local co-op and the farmers market nearby, where blueberries or mushrooms go straight from the farmstand into our hands. Last year, my sister-in-law introduced me to the PackageFreeShop.com, which offers chic, earth friendly alternatives for everything from Saran Wrap to lip balm. It's such a gamechanger. If you have a minute, check it out. 

As for Westman Atelier, I'm excited to announce that we'll begin converting to refillable packaging for our beautiful compacts this year—stay tuned for more on that soon. In the meantime, we continue to make the most responsible choices possible, whether it’s the constant effort to reduce our secondary packaging, choosing to work with labs that prioritize wind and solar power,  or donating to a carbon offset program for every WestmanAtelier.com order. We are 1000% committed to this journey in every way. 

So, to kick off the New Year ahead, here are a few favorite plastic-sparing, life simplifying finds for 2021 and the most exciting new discoveries I'm trying next.” xx Gucci


“Tata Harper’s commitment to the planet is real. I just received this new hyaluronic acid moisturizer, which is silicone-free and meant to be great for prepping the skin before makeup, almost like a hydrating primer. It’s also refillable. Pop a fresh pod into the glass jar, lock it in, and you’re set. I can’t wait to try it.”



Even when I’m on a New Year’s  food cleanse, I find it hard to give up my morning coffee. These 100% biodegradable espresso pods are compatible with the original Nespresso machine, and they break down into plant or soil within 90 days from the time they arrive at your local composting facility.” 


Our makeup brushes are an investment that takes your skin to the next level. They’re handcrafted by the oldest brushmakers in the world in Kumano, Japan using sustainable FSC-certified birchwood handles and cruelty-free synthetic bristles. I’m in love with everything about them—and they're made to last.”



“Reusable totes for our grocery shopping have always been a must, but the number of thin plastic bags you can still end up with from bagging your produce really weighs on my mind. These days, I bring my own organic cotton mesh bags to the store for weighing vegetables and fruit. Just throw them in the wash when you get home and they’re ready for the next trip.”




“This clean haircare line is made from cold-pressed ingredients that nourish and protect the hair, while consuming much less energy than traditional methods in the process. They’ve recently introduced refill bags for their shampoo and conditioner, which use 60% less plastic and are completely recyclable. Just open the pouch and pour it into your existing bottle.” 


“This super innovative start-up company offers a great alternative to disposable bottles of hand soap and household cleaner.  You buy the starter kit once, which contains a clear plastic bottle and a small tablet of water-activated hand soap, glass cleaner, or laundry detergent. After your first bottle is empty, drop a new tablet refill into water and that's it. No more endless plastic bottles in the recycling bin.”


“We’ve been cooking so much more as a family this year. I use these compostable bags to store half of an avocado here or a leftover head of lettuce there in place of traditional Ziplocs. They’re also great for my four-year-old daughter’s snacks. Unlike regular plastic, they’re made from the resin of plants, vegetable oils, and the starches of renewable crops, meaning they can be consumed by microorganisms in the soil. They also hold up for washing and reuse."



"I’ve been searching for an alternative to plastic Saran Wrap and recently bought these beeswax, resin, and organic cotton sheets from The Package Free Shop. They come in lots of sizes and can be rinsed and hung out to dry for the next use. I’ll be trying it this month—stay tuned for my review!”


“Around 1.5 billion plastic toothpaste tubes end up in landfills each year, which is pretty shocking. Both my husband and I love this minty natural brand, which leaves my teeth feeling so clean. But the best part is that the entire package, from tube to cap to roller key, is recyclable if you follow a few simple steps on the company’s website. Zero waste!”