For Gucci, the sweetest holiday memories are often centered around the kitchen. From baking delicious gingerbread cookies or Swedish candies with her daughters to toasting with champagne, it's easy to indulge yet also possible stay balanced with healthier choices. "When spending time with loved ones, I don't stress too much," says Gucci. "It's all about being present in the moment, so I use an 80/20 approach when eating clean."

Here, she shares her favorite good-for-you snacks to sprinkle in this season and pace with sweet treats. Each has simplified, natural ingredients that don't sacrifice flavor, including gluten-free bites to pair with spreads and superfood cookies that even Santa would love. 

Have'a Corn Chips & Jalapa Jar Salsa:

"These tortilla chips are my absolute favorite! Made with just six simple ingredients—corn, soybean oil, soy sauce, salt, and a hint of lime—we love to eat them with fresh Jalapa Jar salsa."

Sweet Reason Sparkling Water:

"Sweet Reason's hemp-infused sparkling water is made without sweeteners and is fully calming. It has become a nice treat instead of anything alcoholic in the evenings because you can really feel the impact to unwind."

Urban Remedy Superfood Chocolate Chip Cookies:

"Because this is the best cookie I've ever had, it's hard to believe that they're healthy, but they are! Urban Remedy's recipe is packed with nutrient-rich nuts and naturally sweet vegan chocolate that my kids love, too. Their superfood cacao bar is also just as delightful."

East Hampton Gourmet Lentil Rice Crispbreads:

"I'm always searching for gluten-free bread or cracker alternatives, and these are a great match for crudités and dips. The sesame, salt flavor is my current go-to, and you'll love the protein-packed crunch!"

BjornQorn Popcorn:

"This popcorn is a staple in our pantry and especially great while watching holiday movies. BjornQorn gets its amazing flavor from nutritional yeast, making it all-natural, vegan, and gluten-free."

Moon Juice Raw & Activated California Almonds:

"I love these almonds for snacking throughout the day, and since they pre-soaked in alkaline water, they help boost digestion even further."

Norwegian Baked Knekkebrød Crispbread:

"This Brooklyn-based company makes the most delicious Knekkebrød that reminds me of my Scandinavian roots. Their variation is baked with nourishing whole grains and seeds that are a perfect base for my morning avocado/nut butter toasts or with cheese and jam during Christmas festivities."

Learn more about Gucci's 80/20 mindset towards eating clean here. Then, in need of more holiday inspiration? Come inside her Bedford home to see how to set a festive table.