"We're going to do a quick little 'kick-ass kick out,'" says Gucci, who is just sitting down for a 5-minute speed lesson in "date night" makeup with supermodel Isabeli Fontana. She's talking about the Brazilian bombshell's favorite subtle smoky cat eye wing, which along with a natural bronze glow, are the essentials of her easy routine.

Clean, skin-nurturing actives are also key: Fontana, who is in town for New York Fashion Week but is currently studying to become a holistic life coach and energy healer, thinks carefully about everything she puts in and on her body. She swears that the coconut oil she reaches for every night does more than lasers when it comes to fading the melasma that turned up after she had sons (note: it's certified spontaneous kismet when she discovers that the ingredient is a key extract in Gucci's Vital Skin foundation).  

As for those pillowy lips, genetics definitely help—but Fontana is a case study in the health-infusing powers of Squeaky Clean Lip Oil (out this spring!) in a sheer warm rose shade called Garconne that's a few tones deeper than her natural lip color. Just in time for Valentine's Day, watch her get "date night" ready.

Isabeli Wears 


For more of Isabeli's clean beauty secrets, check out her "coming clean" video here!